Expanded capacity in Lackeby’s state-of-the-art pickling facility

In our quest to be able to offer customers pickling of stainless-steel products of the highest quality with minimal environmental impact, we have now completed the upgrade of our pickling plant.

With the large open tank of 9×1.8×1.8m we can offer efficient dipping of larger objects. There is also the possibility of spraying very large objects, where only the gate of 4.75×5.25m sets the limits.

The facility is upgraded according to the latest technology for the best working environment and minimum environmental impact.

Operations Director Daniel Eriksson explains: “All the wash water from the pickling is purified via vacuum evaporation in our own treatment plant, which is a closed system. The plant is also equipped with automatic enclosure protection that closes in the event of leakage to avoid any risk of emissions. “

New and old customers are welcome to contact us for more information and inquiries.

For any inquiries please contact: Emil Wicksen, +46 (0)480 770 113, emil.wicksen@lackeby.se

Media contact person:
Magnus Axelsson, CEO
Email: magnus.axelsson@lackeby.se