We are passionate about development and innovation.

Lackeby develops and manufactures market-leading products in water purification and heat recovery for municipal and industrial purification and recycling processes. We have always been working systematically with the goal that all our products must meet current standards and quality requirements, and at the same time make as little environmental impact as possible.

In-house production ensures quality and creates synergies.

Our office and production unit are housed in a 10,000 square meter industrial property in central Kalmar. 50 experienced employees work here with product development, manufacturing and sales. The production facility is uniquely adapted for high-quality production of stainless-steel products and includes, among other things, a state-of-the-art machinery park for laser- and water-cutting, press brake, robot welding, manual welding, assembly and testing. Our pickling facility has been upgraded according to the latest technology for the best working environment and minimal environmental impact.

We want to create added value in complex processes.

Lackeby manufactures and delivers products to customers all over the world. We are not only known for manufacturing products that are characterized by high reliability with low life cycle costs, but also because we are happy to contribute with broad process know-how. In our case studies, you can take part in others’ experiences from what we manufacture and deliver.

Values creating long-lasting relationships.

Lackeby always strives to build long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees as well as our environment. By working with continuous improvements and investing in our environmental- and sustainability work, we can improve today’s solutions for a more sustainable future.