High performance grit separation and world class quality

When high efficiency, reliability and low costs are the priorities

Because of its reliability, long lifetime and low energy consumption,
Lackeby’s Grit classifier unit is definitely a worthwhile investment. Designed to separate grit or other types of sedimentary particles, the robust design ensures high reliability and long technical service life, while maintenance requirements are minimal.


  • Grit separation
  • Separation of any high-density particles
    from process or waste water (Industry).

High performance

  • Enhances efficiency of separation process
    for solid material
  • Maximises classifying and dewatering
  • Minimizes maintenance.

Adaptable solution

The incoming water flow is led into the wider section of
the tank through the top-mounted inlet. A vertical plate creates
an even laminar flow, which enables the solid material to
settle. The outlet is positioned in the narrow section of the tank, which is fitted with an overflow channel to reduce the risk of particle migration. The tank walls slope steeply to avoid the risk of bridging.

Settled material is transported out via a shaftless spiral, with intermittently slowly rotating operation, for maximum dewatering. This shaftless spiral reduces the need for maintenance, as there is no bearing at the bottom of
the through.

Design simplicities

As a standard configuration, the classifier is manufactured in stainless steel or acid-proof steel. The unit is fitted with a shaftless spiral made of carbon steel (standard) or stainless steel (option) in the bottom of the through. The throughs are equipped with Hardox wear bars or Robalon wear liners. As additional options the wear liners are available for special applications such as high abrasive materials in mining or metal recycling industries.

Technical features

  • Robust design
  • Long technical service-life
  • Shaftless screw conveyor for dewatering and discharge of separated material
  • No submerged bearings required.