Reliable and efficient material handling with low life-cycle costs

Reliable and efficient material handling with low life-cycle costs

Since the 50´s we have gained experience from a vast number of applications which is valuable when designing screw conveyors for problem-free, effective transportation of a large variety of different materials. Therefore you can be assured that all aspects have been taken into consideration when designing a screw conveyor system for your specific application. Vertical transportation of materials is one of many challenges we often face and of course, can solve. Many years of delivering tailor made solutions give us the confidence in designing vertical screw conveyor systems.


  • Fuels (wood chips, RDF, straw, sawdust,
    pellets, carbon)
  • Waste (screenings, sludge, slaughter
    waste, manure, garbage, ash, bark)
  • Food (grain, powder, sugar, salt, flour, rest
  • Pulp & paper (pulp, fiber sludge, bark, sand)
  • Recycled paper (process residue, fiber sludge)
  • Metal recycling and mining
  • Chemicals.

Design benefits

  • Shaftless spiral design which enables the handling
    of large volumes and difficult, sticky, stringy
  • Shaftless spirals as standard but shafted spirals
    can be provided depending on the application
  • No bearings needed in shaftless design
  • Available for inclined- and vertical installations
    which allow a small footprint
  • Available in up to 800 mm trough width and
    triple spiral design for large-volume applications
    and increased strength
  • Various types of wear liners depending on the
  • Enclosed, sealed throughs for non-leakage, odour-free, low-noise conveying of material.

Low cost

  • Customized and project-adapted design to
    ensure highest possible customer value
  • Long lifetime due to robust and reliable design
  • Few moving parts
  • Low operations- and maintenance costs.

Concept and configuration

The Lackeby Screw conveyor concept consists of standard size throughs and spirals with options like rotation sensors, slide gates, spiral brushes, different types of wear liners, inspection hatches, multiple inlets and outlets, etc.

The conveyors throughs are made of stainless steel, EN 1.4301 or 1.4404 and the spirals made of S355JO or stainless steel when required. All parts of the screw conveyors, including the spirals, are made in our own workshop which ensures full control of “fit and function”.

The choice of material for the specific project is essential and a variety of wear liners, including special high strength steel wear bars, are available for highly abrasive materials.