In-house production ensures quality and creates synergies.

Our office and production unit are housed in a 10,000 square meter industrial property in central Kalmar. 50 experienced employees work here with product development, manufacturing and sales. The production facility is uniquely adapted for high-quality production of stainless-steel products and includes, among other things, a state-of-the-art machinery park for laser- and water-cutting, press brake, robot welding, manual welding, assembly and testing. Our pickling facility has been upgraded according to the latest technology for the best working environment and the least environmental impact.

Attention to details, environment and water.

In our water cutting machine, we manufacture details with high precision. The method is efficient and environmentally friendly, as only sand and water are used in the energy-efficient cutting process. To make the method even more environmentally friendly, we have invested in a fully automated drainage system with separation and handling of used sand. Among other things, this contributes to drier sand with lower handling costs and a better working environment in our workshop.

Time-consuming jobs are performed by robots.

Our line of welding robots is used almost exclusively to manufacture our unique sludge heat exchangers. A Lackeby sludge heat exchanger often consists of several hundred meters of weld, which is a time-consuming and monotonous work. Thanks to robot technology, we can increase production capacity while ensuring quality with the health of our valuable personnel in mind.

We are passionate about surpassing ourselves.

Our ambition is to make a difference wherever possible. A product from Lackeby is built to function in demanding environments, and therefore it is important that it maintains the highest possible quality, is designed to require minimal maintenance and contributes to as small a climate footprint as possible.

Flexibility and adaptions.

Our products are manufactured by well-trained and quality conscious employees. Although what we manufacture is based on established standards and often standardized applications, we have good opportunities to satisfy customer-specific demands. One single production unit means that we can quickly and easily adjust production for special adaptations.