Sludge handling with low life-cycle costs

When high reliability and low investments costs are a requirement

The Lackeby Gravity thickener scraper with its simple design is a natural choice when you need a robust machine with high reliability to a low investment cost. The Gravity thickener scraper increases the DS-content in the sludge and the design can easily be customized independent of the basin size and type of sludge.

Lackeby has been delivering Gravity thickener scrapers to satisfied customers globally since 1975. With our long experience we have gained the knowledge to optimize the drive system to have a perfect balance between load and power usage. This ensures the lowest possible life cycle cost.


  • Municipal sewage treatment plants
  • Water works
  • Industrial process water.

Design benefits

  • Robust, simple and reliable design which
    is easy to install
  • Customized design for best performance in each application
  • Direct drive with parallell shaft geared motor
  • Additional scraper in the pump pit to avoid bridging
  • Low energy requirement
  • Mechanical torque overload guard protects the equipment
  • The tube shaft can be used as inlet pipe.

Low costs

  • Low life-cycle cost due to low investment and operating costs
  • Low energy consumption and high reliability due to few moving parts
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Service-life normally more than 20 years.