Spiral screw screen with compact design and small footprint

Lackeby Spiral screw screen is a compact and economic screen for the separation, dewatering and transport of screenings. Lackeby Spiral screw screen is specifically designed for the flow of the plant, separation requirements, separation requirements and outlet height. Also, for ease of maintenance and cleaning, U-troughs with removable covers are included.


  • Compact construction with cost-saving design

  • Loading height is adaptable to current conditions

  • Excellent service access

  • Integrated dewatering unit

  • Low operating costs

  • Screen is pivotable

Conveyor part

The shaftless screw is supplied with high quality liner for long life and low noise. The conveyor unit’s length is adjusted to the desired height of the outlet.

Dewatering part

The dewatering part, which is equipped with a flushing system, is designed so that compacting and dewatering of the screening is effective. The screening is loaded in containers or is further transported.

Separations part

Flushing of the dewatering part is included as standard. As an option there are equipment for washing of the screening in the conveyor part, flushing of the sieve, and insulation and heating of the dewatering part.

Conveyor screen

The sieve is made of perforated sheet of stainless steel with holes of 3 to 11 mm in diameter. A special brush attached on the conveyor screw, automatically cleans the sieve . The sieve is available in sizes up to 500mm in diameter.