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Designed for installation in deep and wide channels with limited ceiling height

Lackeby Wire bar screen is a cable-driven coarse screen designed for installation in deep and wide channels and very suitable for installation where ceiling heights are limited because the screen’s total height is low compared to other bars on the market. The screen is completely covered and can be delivered complete with control cabinet.


  • Handles unlimited channel and water depth
  • Available for channel widths up to 3 meters
  • Strong design that is insensitive to sand and coarse debris
  • Suitable for installations in new and existing installations because the required installation height is significantly lower than other brands in the market, providing a low total investment cost
  • Low operating and maintenance cost


The screening which sticks to the rods are transported by the rake. An automatic scraper cleans the rake. Raising and lowering of the rake is made with wire and the rake’s holding pressure is controlled by a hydraulic actuator. The rake is controlled by sliding plates along one arm placed in a beam construction. No moving parts other than the rake is in contact with the water. The arm is pivoted in the frame’s upper part. The frame is made of rigid steel and has a covered enclosure in order to avoid accidents.


Raising and lowering of the rake is operated by a reel of wire, the driving unit and the limit switches. The arm’s movements are controlled by hydraulics. The cylinder is actuated by a hydraulic unit with tank, pump, filter, valve and pressure gauge. Overload protection is included. Hydraulic cylinders are mounted in a way that facilitates easy service and maintenance.


Lackeby Wire bar screen can be delivered with control cabinet for fully automatic operation. It is provided with Hand-O-Auto selector, fuses, relays and indication lamps. The automatic cabinet can also be equipped with timer and level meter.

Lackeby Wire bar screen, S:t Petersburg