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Used for receiving, homogenization and further transport of waste material

Lackeby Receiving unit is used for receiving, homogenization and further transport of waste material. The design is based on our wide experience of transporting all kinds of materials. The receiving unit is designed to fit the customer’s need as well as the type of received waste material and the vehicles that delivers it.


The waste is dumped into the unit. The hatch prevents accidents as well as odour. It closes automatically and gives a signal to the screws in the bottom of the unit to start the homogenization sequence.

The waste is fed backwards in the unit by the screws, which ensures good mixing. The screws and the driving mechanism are dimensioned for the most demanding waste in the process, thus to avoid shutdowns during the homogenization. Water flushing can be integrated into the process to obtain an even better working environment and safer operation. After the homogenization the waste is transported to the next step by an integrated conveyor.


The Lackeby Receiving unit is designed for heavy waste. Several individually driven bottom screws of carbon steel ensure a good mixture of all kinds of waste. The receiving unit is made of stainless or acid proof steel and designed to fit the customer’s requirements regarding volume, space limits and dumping vehicles. The hatch is provided with hydraulic cylinders for opening and closing.

Technical design 

  • Solid construction that withstands heavy loads
  • Several bottom screws
  • Operationally safe with several electrical motors
    – Operationally safe with several electrical motors
    – Large capacity for unloading
  • Hatch
    – Integrated hatch specially designed for adaption to the dumping vehicles
    – Minimized splashing to the surroundings
  • Custom-designed
    – Efficient use of the building
    – Integrated unit for further transport of the waste
  • Material
    – Stainless or acid proof steel
    – Spiral of carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Alla typer av avfall som behöver mottagas och/eller homogeniseras innan vidare transport


  • Minimized maintenance
  • Reversible screws for perfect mixing
  • Reliable operation


  • All types of waste that need to be processed and/or homogenized before further transport


Lackeby Products offers customized designs that give the customer a flexible and operationally safe solution. We have experience of installations in various types of household and
slaughter-house wastes.