Comprehensive line for optimal separation of sand

Lackeby Travelling grit scraper is a travelling scraper for rectangular grit chambers which can be delivered in two versions;

1. Grit Pump Traverse is designed for continuous hoisting of sand with operation in both directions.

2. Grit Scraper is designed to sweep the grit along the bottom of the tank to the grit pit.


  • Reliable design
  • Flexible solution
  • Available with cogwheel drive to avoid the scraper to slip
  • Submerged parts available in stainless steel

Lackeby Travelling grit scraper, Simsholmens WWTP, Sweden.


Lackeby Travelling grit scraper is designed for operation in rectangular grit traps and during operation it collects both grit and grease. The scraper is adapted to embrace 1 to 3 grit chambers and has at each end a 2-wheel drive that runs along a rail, alternatively on wheels of polyurethan which are running on the tank wall. The collection of grease is done either at the inlet or at the outlet of the basin. The scraper normally runs  automatically and is controlled by a timer that controls the operation time back and forth. The delivery includes sensors for scraper operation forward / reverse, which is located on one of the wagons with the driving unit and at each end position the scraper is stopped in a period of time which is adjustable by a timer. The scraper can also be operated in manual mode.

Home position of the scraper is usually at the inlet of the sand trap.

Drive Unit

Each end of the travelling bridge is equipped with an drive unit, gearbox and overload protection. The speed of the scraper is approximately 2.4 m/min.

Power Supply

Lackeby Travelling grit scraper is supplied with electricity via a flat cable which runs in the intended runway mounted along the outside of the basin. In some cases, the cable runs in a drum with spring alternatively an electric motor.


Lackeby Travelling grit scraper (ConClar) can be supplied with electrical cabinet for controlling the scraper mechanism.

1. Lackeby Travelling grit scraper – Travelling Grit pump

The scraper is equipped with a submersible pump for pumping of grit and a surface scraper for collection of grease.

2. Lackeby Travelling grit scraper – Grit Scraper

The scraper is equipped with submerged scrapers for collection of grit, and surface scrapers for collection of grease.
To achieve enough force to bring the grit to the outlet the scraper has driving units mounted on both sides.