Focus on quality- and environmental work

Lackeby coordinates the quality, environmental and sustainability work, and work actively to educate and motivate our employees in the work with continuous improvement.

Since our products aim to reduce the environmental impact during the operative phase, it is an obvious cornerstone for Lackeby to constantly strive to develop the products and the manufacturing methods with an environmental focus.

The material used in the products is mainly stainless steel, of which 70% originates from recycled raw materials. When the products are at the end of their life cycle, the material can again be recycled into new material. The products are designed in such way, that they are easy to disassemble for recycling purpose.

All electricity used in the business is locally produced and 100% renewable.

Quality system in welding technology

As welding is involved in all our products, it is of utmost importance to have the highest competence within this area and meet current requirements through well-established welding processes and well-trained licensed welding operators.
Lackeby is therefore certified within SS-EN ISO 3834-2, which is an international standard for quality assurance of the welding process of structures and materials.

We meet the pressure vessel standards

At Lackeby, we are used to working with pressure vessels or pressurized equipment and apply current pressure vessel standards within the European Pressure Vessels Directive, PED.

We have a well-developed collaboration with various subcontractors and inspection authorities for design- and third-party inspections for X-rays and pressure tests, etc.

We are also certified for the manufacture of pressure vessels according to the demanding American pressure vessel standard ASME.