Efficient water heating and air cooling with maximized recovery

When high reliability and cost savings are the requirements

The Lackeby Air/Water Heat exchanger has been developed to recover the heat from blower-produced air streams at process industries and wastewater treatment plants.

By recovering and recycle the heat, the business owners can drastically reduce the costs for other heat demanding processes. Case studies have shown ROI’s of < 1 year for effectively implemented recovery systems.

A Lackeby HAW offers large savings in maintenance costs. When lowering the temperature of the compressed air, the service-life of the rubber membranes used in aeration systems at wastewater treatment plants, is normally extended by up to 15 years.


Compressed air flows into the heat exchanger via the air pipe, through the cooling coil, in which the cooling agent circulates.

Technical features

  • Robust and compact design for axial mounting on the air pipe
  • Designed for temperatures up to 200°C
  • As standard the heat exchanger is produced in
    stainless steel with coils in copper

Process benefits

  • Highly effective heat recovery
  • Extends service life of rubber diffuser membranes and reduces maintenance costs
  • Quick ROI