• Bar spacing down to 6 mm slot width
  • Made of stainless steel or other special steel
  • Very few moving parts
  • Suited for deep channels with water depths up to 3 meters
  • Safe driving device with proprietary gear rack drive => cost effective design
  • When temporary higher water depth occasionally occurs, the coarse screen can be equipped with hydraulic operation
  • Width up to 3600 mm
  • Reliable and cost effective involute gear rack with Lackeby Products-developed cogwheel drive
  • Covered enclosure available upon request
  • Strong design insensitive to coarse debris
  • Rake equipped with springs to extend the life time
  • Cost saving design

Basic Principles

Lackeby Climber bar screen is intended for installations in pumping stations and waste water treatment plants. It is a developed coarse screen based on the well-known technology and 25 years of experience. The construction is sturdy and has a long life time compared to previously known coarse screens. Lackeby Climber bar screen has few moving parts and has a minimal need for lubrication and maintenance. The design of the coarse screen makes the rake with a slot widths down to 6 mm available. The rake arm has a hinged attachment with adjustable pressure. Hardended involute gear racks and cogwheel drive system eliminates the need of chain tension. As the gear racks are fixed to frame sides the depth of channel and discharge hights are unlimited.

Each screen bar is individually replaceable. The rake cleans the screen and lifts the screening up along a stainless steel trough for unloading.

Driving system

The driving system can be supplied with electric or hydraulic operation. The superior operating system of gears / gear rack drives gives an accurate and reliable operation of the rake through the entire cycle. The adjustable pressure allows larger objects to pass without problems and a system for protection against overload eliminates the risk of damaging the screen. In applications where the risk of flooding may occur the screen is provided with a hydraulic drive for safe operation under water.

Frame and supporting legs

The screen is in most cases installed with 75° tilt. This makes the required floor space minimized. The screen is designed to dewater the screening on its way up to the discharge and in combination with the sturdy frame, the level of off-loading of screenings can be customized. Each screen is tailored to fit the different sites and channel widths of 500-3600 mm by 50 mm intervals are possible. The screen is fitted with supporting legs when needed.

Control and electrical system

Several different control systems are available. Time and level functions are the basic parameters used and the ability to control individual screen conveyors, presses and screen washer or the whole system can be supplemented in the control cabinet. The bar screen is delivered with all electrical cables installed which are connected to a connection box on the unit.