High performance septic receiving with world class screening technology

When high receiving capacity, reliability and low costs are the priorities

Because of its reliability, long lifetime and low energy consumption, Lackeby Roto-Sieve® septic unit is definitely a worthwhile investment. An automatic flow control and the internal feeding of the septic sludge into the drum with circular perforations, assure the best mechanical separation possible. The result is excellent separation of unwanted fibrous materials which are not desirable in wastewater treatment plants or sludge processing. Due to the high flow capacity, it is possible to quickly empty external septic sludge from tank trucks. Aside from functioning as a septic sludge receiver, the unit can also be used for cleaning by-pass and/or overflow water flows.

Water and wastewater applications

  • Septic receiving (external sludge)
  • Overflow screening
  • By-pass screening

High performance

  • Due to its large capacity and excellent reliability, the unit is able to empty a tank truck and trailer in approximately 15 minutes.
  • High degree of separation due to perforated drum and pressureless separation.
  • Automatic flow control based on the septic sludge content ensures optimal flow.
  • No sealed openings or internal moving parts that can result in material passing through. The entire flow must pass through a perforated hole to reach the downstream process.

Low costs

  • The lifetime of the screen is normally more than 20 years.
  • Self-cleaning design for low degree of maintenance.
  • Few moving wear parts which are accessable without cranes or any other lifting devices.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Low spray-water consumption assures substantial savings in water costs compared to competing products.

Design simplicities

  • Odour problems are highly reduced or eliminated since there is no accumulation of stagnant liquid.
  • The advanced carbon fiber polychain drive system eliminates the need for trunnion wheels. This significantly lowers  maintenance and improves reliability.
  • No chains of any kind results in less maintenance issues. No need for automatic oilers.
  • Easy access for full visual inspection thanks to lightweight fiberglass covers.

RSS Models

Lackeby Roto-Sieve® septic unit RSS 24

Lackeby Roto-Sieve® septic unit RSS 36

Lackeby Roto-Sieve® septic unit RSS 48